ROTORCHROME - rotor repair and replating

Rotorchrome - rotor hard chrome replating

make 'em spin!

Stop throwing away those expensive rotors! We weld, repair, grind, chrome plate and polish worn rotors to Manufacturer's specs for half the cost of new rotors! Guaranteed!

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Bring Rotorchrome all your progressive cavity pumps, positive displacement pumps and rotors, for refurbishing and refinishing and chrome plating; including mayno, monoflow, netsche, robbins & meyers, Ingersoll-Dresser, also stators. Formerly Gravure Resources; we do all kinds of rotor repair, rotor replacement, rotor refinishing, rotor refurbishment, rotor grinding, rotor polishing, rotor plating, rotor sizing, rotor resizing and hard chrome plating for municipal waste water treatment plants and industry. Robert G. Fuller, President.